Sistema integrado de control de producción

The real time rebar shop control

Grafo-Boss is an open system, based on a structure of computer network with Internet technology TCP-IP.

It can manage every production configuration in the rebar shop of cutting and bending. It’s compatible with any kind of production system: by element, by position, assembled elements, civil works

It’s embedded in the Graphico Pro System in a transparent way.

It can manage the operators, getting the weight worked by each of them.

  • Summary of efficiency of operators and machines
  • Detail of timing required by production tags
  • Tracking of orders and quality control of the production units manufactured by each operator
  • Productivity Kg/hour by machine or workstation, by total section, events of machines, daily, monthly and yearly reports, showing different production graphics
  • Machine events management
  • Timing management
  • Direct access to the status of an order
  • Full and detailed tracking of the orders that are in production or are planned for the next production
  • Forecast of dates of completing for the orders
  • Production assigned to each machine
  • Graphic presentation of the order by factory sections
  • Order editing
  • Automatic control of the orders of Graphico pro, by managing the dates and the status
  • Detail of the order by productions tags

Detailed information of :

  • Who produced the order
  • What machines manufactured the order
  • How much time needed each operator to manufactured the order
  • Weight manufactured by operator
  • Time remaining to the end of the production of the order

Detailed production by sections and machines:

  • Between dates
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Detailed information by type of section
  • Efficiency of the machines of the section by kg/operator/hour
  • Tracking and following of the operators of the factory
  • Direct access from the factory to the operatos information
  • Production of the operators by machine
  • Production tags manufactured by each operator
  • Motivation for the operators to improve its work
  • In and out time of each operator
  • Tracking of worked time and productivity
  • Discover the bottle-neck of your factory
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