Control total en la planificación y programación de la planta

Adjust your delivery times

Grafo-Plan software allows you to visually plan and organize deliveries of orders that customers demand considering the estimation of what the rebar shop can produce.

The planning displays, through an attractive interface, production orders with different colors according to three dates:

  • Date requested by the customer
  • Expected delivery date
  • Shipping date

Grafo-Plan is a tool designed to:

Shippings planning: assign expected delivery dates, view expected shipments and the ability to shipping in a specific date and adjust your times to the maximum.

Production planning: it allows, with a simple drag with the mouse, to move orders from one day to anotherfor its production, assign orders to shifts within the day and assign priority within the shifts, ensuring the punctuality of orders from your customers.

Grafo-Plan offers a calendar specifying each machine’s capacity. Start/end of each turn, rest, machines timing... This way, it allows to plan in advance the work depending on the capacities and features of each machine. It also allows to know the load capacity of each machine and the estimation of the production times.

In addition, you can output an order and define the orders to be shipped on each truck, indicating even the time of departure.

Grafo-Plan manages, using different windows, the programming of orders for cutting and bending and both the installation and assembly of pre-cages, poles, pillars, meshes etc.

This planning tool allows to print indispensable reports for the rebar shop manager: list of all daily orders, priorities, summaries of daily loading sorted by machine and diameter, weekly estimation etc.

If integrated with the Data Pro system, the planning module allows to know in real-time the situation of all orders in the factory, both during the cutting and bending processes, and during the assembly sections.

  • Display on screen the 5, 6 or 7 days planification.
  • Assign expected delivery dates and modify them simply by moving the orders in the planning with the mouse.
  • Display the delivery capacity of a selected day.
  • Assign production dates to your orders.
  • Know the production to be made on a selected date.
  • Weights are automatically updated when you assign an order to a date or move it from one date to another.
  • Change orders from one shift to another and organize the run priority of the orders within each shift.
  • Assignment of an order to the machines from the planning.
  • Choose if you you want the planning shows theoretical or production weights.
  • Possibility of moving orders between production centers.
  • Create and edit the orders shippings documents. View the global information of a route.
  • Obtain reports of pending delivery orders or expected production to be made.

Forget blackboards or calculation tables.

A good organization ensures more productivity and deliveries on time.

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