Optimización en grandes líneas de corte

Automates the optimizing system of your cutting line

Local Optimo is a powerful optimization software to work on the cutting lines. Its simplicity of use and flexibility to select the stock, fast label loading, its computing power and graphic display make this product an indispensable tool for the public works and optimization by position.

The powerful algorithm works always following the machine’s configuration you are using thus giving great flexibility to the production process.

Reduction of the order management and consequently of the time make this product a guaranteed investment. The time to manage the cuts by an operator in a cutting line in many cases exceeds the actual time of cutting. This system guarantees a high productivity in the cutting lines, the operator loads the labels into the software with a barcode reader.

The tool allows you to compare three different optimizations with different lengths of bars. It tells the operator which is the best solution. This means that the operator then prepares the cutting stock based on the results obtained. The optimization produces reusable scraps, allowing to know the best solution.

Optimized data are sent to the machine automatically avoiding loss of time and data entry errors.

  • Reading of labels through bar code reader or by receiving a BVBS file
  • Adding new pieces through a manual keypad
  • Selection of lengths from the warehouse
  • Machine configuration: compartments, warehouses, machines lengths
  • The worker changes the warehouse according to the cutting needs
  • The optimizer sees the reusable scraps allowing more solutions
  • The optimized data are sent to the machine automatically avoiding wasted time and errors in data entry
  • The tool allows up to three full optimizations with different lengths, informing the operator the best solution
  • Optimization of 15 warehouse lengths for each diameter

Schnell Software works on math calculations to improve the performance and productivity of the cutting machines for over 10 years. The successful optimization of our products lies in the application of mathematics to the reality of the customer's production for the completion of the final product. Optimo is a profitable product. The entire production process of our customers has been studied in all details. It has the ability to calculate the different options available for the cutting lines for the attainment of the final product, in order to make it suitable for any customer.

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