Gestión de rutas, expedición y control de carga

Reliable deliveries and on time

ShippingBar is the software that handles the shipping of orders and the delivery management.The full integration with Graphico Pro allows ShippingBar to carry out these checks by means of labels.

ShippingBar allows to group different orders from different clients or construction sites and also to split an order in more trucks. To simplify the material loading, the program can assign each work a different location in order to make a pre-loading.

ShippingBar also allows to monitor the shipping of sales products (meshes, beams etc.)

The loading system of Shipping Bar consists of a touch screen PC with a barcode reader, which is used both to check in real time the loading of single labels, and the loading times.

For each order loaded the program records the nominal and production weight. It also allows to include the real weight (weighed). Shipping Bar handles all outgoing materials and can export information with the customer ERP systems.. It generates reports on the material loaded and waiting to be loaded.

  • Material registering and monitoring
  • Labels checking per element or position
  • Deliveries management per job site and order
  • Shipping trucks and transport personnel management
  • Report of the material loaded for customer’s control
  • Live information of the shipment status
  • Shipping report control per job site and order
  • Connection with ERP management systems

Order planning through daily production orders

  • The production orders are operated by schedules and can be divided into different shipments
  • Different production orders can be loaded in a single shipment

The deliveries management enables:

  • Assignment of the loading area
  • Shipping and forwarder selection
  • Full or partial orders shipping
  • Orders placing in the truck
  • Assign the actual weight (weight) and distribute it in all loaded orders
  • Creating a second shipping with the missing material of an order not fully loaded
  • Shipping management of different job sites
  • Shipping document

The loading control is done via PC connected to a barcode reader, the material is recorded by reading the different labels. After reading the label, the system will consider the loaded label with the possibility of controlling the outstanding products. The system allows to close a load even partially, and the weight is automatically deducted to perform a new load.

Material checking and monitoring per:

  • Element
  • Position
  • Positions divided into parcels
  • Sales products
  • Tracking your shipment per job site or customer
  • Check the shipping status of a partial or total order
  • Shipping monitoring over a period with relevant information on weights
Carga de posiciones

Carga de posiciones

Hojas de ruta - Crear ruta

Hojas de ruta - Crear ruta

Hojas de ruta imcompletas

Hojas de ruta imcompletas

Hojas de ruta pendientes de carga

Hojas de ruta pendientes de carga

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