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Suite Graphico PRO

The world’s best selling rebar detailing software

17 Years ago we started to develop a rebar detailing program. Our development then focused on small wire processing centres. In Spain we started this working process in the wire cutting and bending sectors by element, to facilitate the insertion of the assembled via a graphical environment.

Day by day we worked for years to provide the Graphico software with the most advanced technology, always trying to offer a suitable and updated software and getting to give a solution to the needs of the big steel companies at an international level.

The flexibility of the program Graphico together with a high-level after-sales service, thus turned Graphico into the world’s best-selling rebar detailing software, making possible that more than 850 customers around the world to chose us.

The world’s best selling rebar detailing software

During the last years, we have reinvented the program Graphico. We’ve updated it with the latest database, and now it is ready to work with the latest Internet advancements.

The solution of the new program Graphico Pro exceeds our expectations. It has been further improved and incorporates new functionality for the Engineering Department, that allow to work with greater productivity and control.

Besides, The lowest price for the touch devices and its hardware improvements, have facilitated plant connectivity with the central system through Data Pro product, this enables to control production, stock and track of the orders in real-time.

Graphico Pro

Thus, Graphico Pro suite helps your company with engineering, production, traceability, management inventory and logistics areas, becoming an integral solution designed by and for your steel company and with the clear objective of optimizing your production process.

More than 120 upgraded steel companies

All this has made our customers especially appreciate the most advanced solution offered by Graphico Pro, achieving in only 2 years more than 120 upgraded steel companies with high degree of satisfaction.