Rebar shop management


Grafo-Boss Program

El control de su planta en tiempo real

Grafo-Boss is an open system, based on a structure of computer network with Internet technology TCP-IP.

It can manage every production configuration in the rebar shop of cutting and bending. It’s compatible with any kind of production system: by element, by position, assembled elements, civil works

It’s embedded in the Graphico Pro System in a transparent way.

It can manage the operators, getting the weight worked by each of them.


  • Summary of efficiency of operators and machines
  • Detail of timing required by production tags
  • Tracking of orders and quality control of the production units manufactured by each operator
  • Productivity Kg/hour by machine or workstation, by total section, events of machines, daily, monthly and yearly reports, showing different production graphics
  • Machine events management
  • Timing management

Tracking and following
of an order

  • Direct access to the status of an order
  • Full and detailed tracking of the orders that are in production or are planned for the next production
  • Forecast of dates of completing for the orders
  • Production assigned to each machine
  • Graphic presentation of the order by factory sections
  • Order editing
  • Automatic control of the orders of Graphico pro, by managing the dates and the status
  • Detail of the order by productions tags


Detailed information of :

  • Who produced the order
  • What machines manufactured the order
  • How much time needed each operator to manufactured the order
  • Weight manufactured by operator
  • Time remaining to the end of the production of the order

Production by sections and machines

Between dates




Productivity reports

Detailed information by type of section

Efficiency of the machines of the section by kg/operator/hour

Operators path production

Data Pro Program

Get feedback from your rebar shop on-time

The system Data Pro permits to know in real-time the status of the orders in the factory, production timing of the orders in each machine and the management of the operators working in the system.

There are two options for connection: Data Pro Machine permits to connect through cable UTP and protocols TCP-IP the new Schnell machines with the central server.

Data Pro Panel is connected to the central server through touch screen computers, that permit the tracking of the production from any machine or manual production workstation.

Data Pro Panel

DPP Elaboration

  • Production by position and operator. .
  • Send the information to the machine.
  • Traceability.
  • Information of the order status.

DPP Pre-Armed

  • Pre-assembly times in IDEA machines.

  • Number of stirrups and section.
  • Send information to the machine.
  • Information of the status of the order.

DPP Armed

  • Arming times for each item. .
  • Number of operators per structure.
  • Information of the order situation.

Data Pro Machine

The Data Pro Machine allows you to analyze the production of each machine piece by piece, and also controls the operating times of the machines by recording their identified activity.

Using the Grafo-Trax module together with the Data Pro System it’s easier to register the raw material tracking.

The system record automatically the heats of the material used in each workstation and assign the production tags of each order automatically. Material tracking and stock management is automatic.

Install the material tracking with the Data Pro and get its advantages

  • Tracking and control of the production orders
  • Productivity tracking by machine and operator
  • Automatic material tracking and stock management when using Grafo-Trax system
  • Absolutely necessary if you need to get the Quality certifacion ISO 9001