Quality Policy

SOFTWARE SCHNELL offers its software products for the steel industry and is aware of the importance of providing services in both the development, installation and post-installation of the same, according to high-quality criteria.

Therefore, SCHNELL SOFTWARE Dept. is committed to the development and implementation of an appropriate quality management system to the nature of their activities and establishes the following principles:

  • Offer a customized software for all customer needs.
  • Keep the philosophy of creativity and innovation and work to continuous improvement for a constant evolving technology.
  • Working with a quality management system which defines our behavior in terms of quality of service, the goals are to help improve and transmit the human and financial resources available.
  • Regularly review the management system in order to ensure the efficiency and the continuous improvement.
  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements, any other applicable requirements and those that we voluntarily subscribe.
  • Provide a stimulating and pleasant environment in favor to good work of our staff in SCHNELL SOFTWARE, in a spirit of teamwork and customer service.
  • Encourage competition and training of our technical team.
  • Keep good relationships with our suppliers as important partners for our company.

SCHNELL SOFTWARE Management informs and spreads this policy on behalf of its team, for all the people working on its behalf and ensures that will always be at its customers’ disposal to check and to ensure the validity and appropriateness .

 Miguel Caro
Dirección General Schnell Software S.L.
Zaragoza, a 09 de Abril de 2018