Mesh design


Grafo-Mesh Program

Produce any type of mesh

Grafo-Mesh makes the production of meshes, floors, walls and other elements having longitudinal and transversal wires easy. The software interface allows a quick introduction of the data of the mesh with longitudinal and transversal bars indicating the diameter, divisions and any windows.

Grafo-Mesh is able to produce any kind of mesh, also very complex meshes. It allows you to set the division in both the same or variable directions, to enter overlaps, hooks and to open rectangular or circular windows. The graphical representation of the mesh is stored in the program as an element so that you can print the assembly or the label.


  • Different diameters and divisions
  • Application of overlaps in both directions
  • Setting of variable divisions inside the same mesh
  • Changes and mesh assembly
  • Application of rectangular or circular holes
  • Meshes of variable lenght
  • 3D mesh dispaly (with zoom options and different perspectives at 360 °)


Grafo-Mesh is connected internally and transparently with the Graphico Pro. You can add to the production orders products developed with Grafo-Mesh. Once a mesh is drawn, the program Graphico Pro stores the assembly and the pieces that make it giving the possibility of producing it in more machines. 


We can print the labels of the meshes with the mesh identification code in order to automate the programming in the machines, by sending the entire planning of a mesh by reading a bar code. 

The Schnell machines empowered to communicate with the software are: Multiassembler, Mesh-line y Versaline.