Digitalization of delivery notes

Delivery Sign App

Digitalize the delivery documents

Sign the delivery documents in a digital way through any mobile device, table or smartphone. Compatible with Smartphones Android, Iphone y Windows

The digital delivery document is the logic evolution in order to reduce the paper management in the company for the digital transformation.

The documents that were printed before, now there can be sent and singed in an eletronic way.

The target is the digital delivery document.

Using the delivery documents module of Graphico Pro it’s posible to digitalize the delivery documents.

It requires the delivery documents of Graphico Pro or the software  Grafo-Gest.


  • Forget the paper.

  • Reduce the cost of time and materials.

  • Send automatically the signed delivery document through email to one or several persons, the job site managers or the customer.

  • Automatic registry of the delivery document. As soon as it’s signed it can be available from Graphico Pro.

  • Printing of a PDF with all the delivery documents signed in a job site.

Speed your Business processes

Assign of shippers to the shipping

Access to the app in a safe way through user and password

Registry of comments for the delivery document in the central system