Automated machines

Communication with machines

Communication with machines

Produce more and better

The connection to the machines gets an easy insertion of the data and increases the productivity of the plant and the quality of the production process. If we look at the time an operator takes to insert a piece with all its geometry, according to our experience is of 45 seconds/piece. A transmission system to the machine via barcode minimizes the time to 2 secs/piece. The saving is significant.


  • Reading of bar codes that sends to the machine the geometry, the mandrel and the number of pieces of the shape
  • Communication of Schnell machines and other manufacturers
  • In an updated Schnell machine, it allows the transmission of variable shapes in a single bar code

Advantages of a machine
connected automatically

  • Higher productivity
  • Sure quality of the final product
  • It avoids production errors
  • Plan better the deliveries
  • It improves the customer service

Types of communication

  • Communication via barcode reader by reading a format belonging to the construction company or through a standard protocol.
  • Through serial line RS-232 or RS-485 protocol
  • TCP-IP direct connection to the machine or through converters
  • Connecting the machine’s PC through local TCP-IP
  • Pendrive or mobile devices
  • Bluetooth connections
  • Communication with a PLC Siemens, EPROM

Stirrup benders

The module allows to configure in the software Graphico the machine’ features and then print the production lists with the corresponding barcode.

Sistema de trabajo por posiciónSystem by position.

Communication via

Barcode Reader

RS-232 via serial

Listings of loads from
the machine with numerical control


Working system by position and element.

Communication via:

Cutting lines

The module allows to configure in the software Optimo the machine characteristics necessary for the optimization of the cutting cycles.

Working system by position.

Communication via:

  • RS-232 via serial
  • Lists loading from the machine’s control


  • Automatic sending of all orders to the machines
  • Optimization by position with reduction of changes
  • It avoids production errors
  • It allows great productivity of the plant
  • The system classifies automatically the positions informing the operator of all processes

Cutting benches

The connection with machines such as Bat / Optibat, allows to send orders to the machines organizing them by position or element. The order is completely sent to the machine with the pieces lengths and all the necessary information.

Working system by position or element.


  • Automatic transmission of all orders directly to the machine
  • The optimization by element or position allows to manufacture the final product with very little effort.
  • It avoids production errors
  • It allows great productivity of the plant
  • The system classifies automatically the positions or elements informing the operator of all processes

Communication via:

  • RS-232 via serial
  • Lists loaded from the machine’s control


With Graphico Pro you can draw the elements included in the assembly information. Elements with beams and columns may include distributions of stirrups calculated automatically according to the pitch and length of the sections. This information is sent to the machine of the pre-assembled by reading a barcode.

  • The efficiency of the machine increases considerably because it avoids the operator to insert large amounts of data.
  • Communication by barcode.
  • The communication with mesh processing machines requires GrafoMesh.


Uploading the elements through barcode reader and data transmission from the main server.