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Platform Rebar Web

The first detailing software in Cloud

Rebar Web is a platform in the Cloud, a very flexible tool to achieve the schedules;you can have access to all projects from any terminal and anywhere via Internet.

The system is fully funcional, and the service is designed for high usage of data in graphical form, which allows working at the same speed of a local application.

One thing that distinguishes Rebar Web is its social dimension. The system offers the possibility to create a directory of colleagues with whom to communicate via private messages; work together and share projects and schedules. In addition, it simplifies the transmission process for the production, thanks to direct contacts between users.

System completely reliable

Of course, it is part of a system completely reliable, both as hardware infrastructure and as software development that ensures the safety of the platform; defined as a centralized system controlled by a professional team, ensuring security and data privacy.

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Account types

Rebar Web offers different types of accounts for each user; it is possible to choose the one that best suits your needs:


Sign up for free and start working with the tool!

  • Introduction of the projects in the web completely free of charge
  • (up to a maximum of 5mB)
  • Testing service of the Advanced package


Destined to professional users looking for a custom tool to make their schedules

  • Creation of customzied templates
  • Weigths summary
  • Unlimitated space


Destined to steel cut and bend companies wishing to digitally receive orders from their customers or sales network

  • It allows to export the schedules to ERP
  • (Direct export to Graphico Pro)
  • It includes Advanced account features