Rebar detailing software

Graphico PRO

Graphico PRO

Graphico PRO Program

A single software for different working systems

Graphico Pro is the main program for the production management of the Schnell Software products suite. It’s a rebar detailing software that allows, with its powerful and flexible graphical interface, both the performance of pieces by positioning including the reinforcement and the inclusion of commercial products in each order.

Graphico Pro stores all the project’s data, it manages the project phases and the orders for the production. Besides, All the data included in the program can be printed through customized reports divided into different areas such as customer management, order management, order management by location, element or for other commercial products.

Thanks to the flexible Graphico Pro we can adapt to all the international metric systems. The user can use the program in centimeters, millimeters or Imperial even within the same project. It allows us to work on different configurations of diameters for each project, enabling us to store shapes and to automate the calculation, and also to create assembly drawings of our elements.

All the features of Graphico have been expanded and improved. Graphico Pro allows you to easily duplicate the data of the development, export or import projects or part of them, convert the data in standard files compatible with the recent market.

All in a single control system

All in a single control system: Graphico pro also allows within the same project to follow the development for position, for element with the indication of the installation (CAD), to create meshes (Grafo-Mesh) and to include sales products.

The new architecture of the Graphico Pro data can withstand large volumes of information and manage multiple users connected to the same central system, meeting the needs of big companies that require centralized solutions and multiuser data sharing.

ASTM A 615, Eurocódigo 2, BS 4449:97, EHE-08, IS 456: 2000, TS 708 -VCH, PS 90:98, DIN 488:86 NF A 35–016 :96 , ELOT 971:90, NMX-B-294-1986, JIS-G-3112, Nch-204, CIRSOC 201-2005, CBH 87 ABNT NBR 6118:2007, NSR-10, NTC 14/01/2008, NTE E.060: 2009, SABS 0100, BBK 79 (1979) SIA 162 (1989), CAN/CSA S16-01


  • Projects and customers management
  • Project information by diameter and order
  • Management of customer orders and production
  • Detailing by element, position or commercial products
  • Automation of the shapes calculation and setting
  • Automatic sending of the production directly to the machines
  • Labels and lists of production orders

Orders Management

  • Logo and color identification
  • Different delivery addresses
  • Assignment of tables of diameters
  • Ability to import data from another order
  • Order structure on different levels: Phase, Floor, Group, Element
  • Levels duplicate with all information

  • Order reports
  • Weights reports
  • Customer orders and production
  • Search by customer
  • Search by reference
  • Orders filter by status
  • Number of orders per unlimited customer
  • Number of total orders unlimited
  • Unlimited number of items and pieces

Orders scheduling

Ability to connect with external CRM systems and on the Web to enable the customers to track their production orders .

Orders Detailing

Graphico Pro is the only software that allows within the development to create loose positions, assembled elements and commercial products.

Assembled elements

  • The user draws an element assembled in a CAD area that allows you to create the same scheme that you would do in the paper. When you draw the piece, the system records it.

Elements by position

  • Traditional work by position in the list with graphical information of the images and overall accessibility of the data.

Commercial products

  • Commercial products such as meshes, beams, wires, etc, which can be set up in a table of products.

Customized models

  • Data entry through templates or new models.
  • Creation by straight lines and arcs
  • Creation of auxiliary lines
  • Creation of dimensions
  • Positioning Text
  • Changing of preset shapes
  • Data printing
  • Automation of models
  • Support for arithmetic, trigonometric formulas and logical models for shapes automatization

Production orders

The schedule is made in the order where we can select the necessary levels (phase, floors, group, element, positions) to be included in the order. Graphico Pro allows you to assign complete elements, positions or commercial products in the same production order.

The system will give you the information about the schedule and the assigned to the production order. The system checks the positions assigned to an order and does not allow to assign them by mistake to others.

The production orders are a tool to check and plan the daily and weekly production. Several production orders can be assigned to a commercial order or to a customers order.

Reports and labels

  • Customization of lists and labels necessary to the company
  • Printing of labels on laser or thermal printers. Printers compatible with Windows 7.8
  • Management of orders summed according to the diameter or other
  • Customer orders tracking
  • Orders management
  • Weekly planning
  • Production orders

Production assignment

Once the production order has been created, the system allows you to assign the positions to the machines of the production plant. This tool allows you to distribute a production order of different machines, stirrup benders and cutting benches.

A filtering system helps the user to automatically assign the positions according to the geometry, the number, diameter, etc., to different machines.

The storage of standard scraps or reusable wires is seen in the system as a machine. Its menu is customizable as that of the machine.

Estimated production of an order:

Being all orders sent to the machines and thanks to DATA PRO MACHINE and PANNEL we have a feedback of all the production data; Graphico Pro manages and monitors the production/machine and estimates the production time of the order.

Production orders:

  • Production order per day
  • Grouping of orders per delivery