Rebarlist configuration in Graphico Pro


Subscription licenses

Rebarlist configuration in Graphico Pro 2021

Contact the Schnell Sales Department to purchase the licenses you need, in packs of 5. Once the licenses are purchased, you can activate them from Graphico Pro 2021 (from version 4.0.0).

Steps to configure RebarList in Graphico Pro

Shape models synchronization:

RebarList users to work with the shape models that you have configured in Graphico Pro, you have to mark them from the Forms models tab (CAD).

Commercial products synchronization:

From the Graphico Pro products window, you must check the commercial products to be used by RebarList users.

Upload commercial products and models to the cloud:

Once you have configured the commercial products and shape models, you can upload them to the cloud so that they are available to RebarList users.

RebarList automatically updates this information each time a user runs the program.

If you have modified any product or shape model, you must upload this information to the cloud again.

From the main menu/Configuration, access RebarList, Data Update tab.

RebarList License Management

Acceptance of subscription licenses

Access from the main menu of Graphico Pro to Configuration\RebarList.

Before managing RebarList subscription licenses, you must agree to the license terms and conditions.


Shows the number of packs of licenses purchased. You can purchase as many packs of 5 licenses as you need.

Each contracted pack has an annual expiration date and is billed separately.


Shows the licenses that you can manage and supply to different RebarList users.

Select a license or a new registration. Fill in the information in the blank boxes.

  • Key:This is the key that the RebarList user will have to enter the first time they use the program. Press the button to generate it automatically.
  • Email:You have to indicate the email of the user who is going to use the license. The first time the RebarList user uses the program, they will request this email.
  • Company: You have to indicate the company to which you supply the license. It’s important so that when you receive forms you know which user and company they come from.
  • Diameters: You can assign a diameters table to each RebarList user.


View weights: you can configure this option for all RebarList users, so that the theoretical weight, the production weight or both appear.

There are markets in which production weight is billed (doubled profit) and therefore it’s necessary to configure this option.

Download Rebarlist

If you are an end user and you have the activation key from you provider you just need to fill out the following form. Then we will send you the RebarList download link.